Maja’s Seven

April 1, 2020by admin

Every year I have a clear picture of how Maja would like to celebrate her birthday and we discuss options way before hand so we have it just right. This year however, ever since the first time I heard about the existence of Covid-19, I knew it would be a different. I had a friend who shared the same fears and we would discuss what we think would happen almost daily. Maja’s birthday planning seemed futile due to circumstances that I believed would entrench us in the near future. Last minute I thew a home girls-only party invite because she kept asking about it. Sadly, it all came true and we have been quarantined  for almost three weeks now (and feeling privileged to be able to). Her birthday was celebrated home, like I had planned to. We made a fabulous vanilla cake (with chocolate chips!), chatted with all our family, had friends drop off gifts and friends who came by to sing Happy Birthday at a distance. It was zero focus on decor, food, entertainment and a hundred percent focus on Maja. She is seven. She was literally born yesterday, but turned seven before my own eyes. I’ll spare you my description of her personality and let the images speak for themselves.