The day we played hooky

November 17, 2022by admin

A few weekends ago I had a client ask me, presumptively even, if I took lots of photos of my kids as a photographer (and all…). The answer was no, not really. It was a passion early on in the career, perhaps a self-driven desire to improve, to photograph the ordinary in my life. As it grew into more of a job, the pull to pick up my camera and bring it to capture my personal life died down, almost becoming a chore or nuisance to have to worry about. The last four years I’ve only taken pictures once or twice a year, the birthday and obligatory Christmas card tradition. Not enough. These years will fly by, and I will never be able to redo this part of life. If my mom’s disease taught me anything is that now is now, that we need to be present. That’s why last week I decided to take the kids out of school and bring them somewhere where they’ve been yearning to go, a reptile zoo. I picked up my camera, put my 50mm on and took it along to capture this brief moment in time where they loved exploring and learning with their mom. Something I can re-live through the photographs in 10 years when that will no longer be the case. Here are the images to tell a story of Maja and Filip, my forever muses, playing hooky with their cool mom 🙂