Mexico Trip

January 3, 2020by admin

The annual trip down south in December, a month where you’ve already had enough cold in, we decided to spend in Mexico. We stayed in the Princess Family Resort close to Playa de Carmen. The resort was a paradise for kids and perfect for adults too, although we spent little time in the adult section since burdening those without children ( permanently or temporary ) with your own is not very nice ;). The beach was a major improvement over the last Mexican resort (Bahia) we stayed in, where it was too rocky, and the food as well. We stayed a couple of nights at the resort before venturing out to visit my family in Tulum. I was a little hesitant to go off resort with the recent developments in crime for the whole Mayan Riviera but we had no trouble with anything (except steep prices). Tulum had some amazing beaches and restaurants but isn’t as child friendly for those thinking to visit and still under construction for the most part in terms of infrastructure. We had the pleasure of staying in a beautiful home (thanks Loiusa&Daniel) that made me want to take it with me to Canada, but was told our climate was far too cold for the Spanish style of build. Oh Canada! We visited a vegan restaurant that was a part of a larger yoga retreat that was absolutely breathtaking in its calming nature intertwined with mediation areas, pools, tree houses and so on. The next day we ventured to a cenote and the local Tulum beach. Both were incredible and something you can’t pass up when visiting. Since I’m sure I’ve bored you enough with my talking, here is an overload of photos from the visit. Enjoy!