July 14, 2019by admin

The Balkans all might seem very similar to an outsider but to those who live there know very well how we are all so different. Same goes for Hercegovina. The people, the dialect, the food, all differ so much from their neighbors that live jut 30kmĀ  away. It is the birthplace of cevapi, my utmost favorite meat. Cevapi borrow the shape of a sausage, some of the flavor of a hamburger, and mix in traditional Bosnian and Hercegovinan spices. Eaten very simply, usually just with a somun (greased panini, what else) and diced raw onions. Perfection! I was so busy eatingĀ  that I forgot to take any pictures of them. Oops! This lunch also came with an amazing view over the Trebizet river. That river is often used for kayaking and some “mild” rafting, which is more then enough for someone like me ;). Not surprisingly there were kayaks there too! My nephew wasted no time at all and quickly became friends with the young boy that was there. Most of the kiddos joined in on the water fun, even though the water here is much colder then the sea that we’re used to. They all had a blast exploring the natural springs, watching fish catching and most importantly being all together.

However many times I visit places like this I’m always in awe of the raw beauty that surrounds you in the Balkans. Hope I’ve managed to capture enough for you in between my bites of the delicious cevapi. Enjoy!