Maternity Sessions

May 30, 2019by admin

Maternity sessions are something I could do day in and out. They’re filled with love and peace as you wait behind the lens for the right moments, instead of chasing them. They’re usually done during the last trimester when most women get over their troubles with morning sickness and get to enjoy the last part of pregnancy. Best if done before the last 2/3 weeks, since at that point you’re mostly ready for the baby to come ;). During these sessions, I have the privilege of finding out intimate details like baby names which makes the bond between me and client even more special. This session was done at the Etobicoke Valley Park that I fall in love with each time. So glad my client was willing to trek the trails and walk on river stones to get to the perfect locations. I’ve selected a few of the images we got and I hope you enjoy them.