Maja’s 6th Birthday

April 2, 2019by admin1

 As soon as we enter the new year I start brainstorming on what to do for Maja’s birthday. Both Maja and I are equally obsessed with her birthday. Although, Maja may talk about it SLIGHTLY more  😉 This year I really wanted to capture how she’s evolving by being at school most of her day. Maja is a very outdoorsy type of person. Loves to get dirty!  This winter has been long and cold and she has reminded me several times that it makes little sense that people live here (Canada) versus somewhere warm (specifically Cuba or Mexico). She’s clearly wise beyond her years. This year she’s become  very interested in dinosaurs and creatures. In the spring and fall she is constantly collecting potato bugs and showing her classmates and in the winter she is brushing up on everything dinosaur.

 Since it’s never warm enough for an outdoors party at this time of year, Safari Science was second best to bring us closer to nature. They’re amazing with kids as I’ve seen from the few parties we’ve been to, and do a wonderful job balancing information about the animals and just pure fun (petting, etc). So, reptiles replaced dinosaurs and frogs were the improved potato bugs. Kids loved it!

However, there is also another side of Maja. The Jojo Siwa one, and its ok if you have no idea who that is 😉 She loves to dance, sing and preform, and is a complete free spirit when she dances. So, after the cake there was a 40min dance party that let the kiddos burn off their sugar high.

      These are some of the photos I managed to capture. Hope you enjoy them!

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  • January

    April 2, 2019 at 2:04 pm

    So beautiful! Great party!

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