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November 9, 2020by admin

The process of a shoot is much like writing an essay. First there’s the introduction, where its hard to find a thought to begin with, much like the first shots that will make your clients either trust you for the remainder of the session. The middle is where you elaborate on the different groupings, find people’s angles, comfort zones and break barriers of jitters and sometimes fears of being photographed. The conclusion is usually where we get the best shots and the client lets their guard down just enough for me to capture their true selves. Keeping the connection through conversation is key, since most of the time my face is hidden behind the camera (now a mask too). Alongside easy conversation, humor is a great tool for get clients relaxed while you guide and style the shots. All of it sounds very mechanical but keeping the flow easy is what makes the difference in the images you’re left with. Its such a privilege to be let into peoples lives so quickly and I’ll never take that for granted. Here’s a family that was just a pleasure to photograph where you can get a better sense of the process. ps. How gorgeous is this pregnant mamma?