Danijela Photography

The Session

All sessions are done on location. I believe that capturing organic behavior in natural environments is what creates timeless portraits. The location can be your bedroom, backyard or a favorite hangout spot like the park. Sessions are usually booked 2-3 weeks prior to the desired date. Session pricing ranges depending on the type. Please click on the categories below!


Typically done during the 36-40th week of pregnancy. Much of that depends on the mommy and her belly! The sessions start at $150. Longer sessions, involving studio lighting and 2-3 hours of photographers time are $350.


Sessions is held within the first 10 days of the little ones life. During that stage curling those tiny feet and hands doesn't cause discomfort to the little one! It is recommended that the session be held in your home. It is booked around the mommy's due date. However if you are to be induced, or scheduled for a c-section, a firm time can be booked. Sessions are usually an hour long. Hour sessions start at $150.


Perfect at every stage! Sitting, crawling, standing or walking. They are usually the ones that decide how they want to be photographed. Whether it be reading a book with mommy and daddy or eating spaghetti with their hands. In-home baby sessions are $150 and $200 for on location, and are generally an hour to hour and a half long.


There is something enchanting about that stage when they are aware of their presence in this world yet so innocent. At this stage personality, or at least glimpses of it, can be captured!


The sessions are held in your backyard, living room, or your favorite park! They can involve anything that is dear to your family. Like your little one's cuddly blanket, or favorite shirt! Usually an hour to an hour and a half long. Sessions are $200 for the GTA. Outside the GTA, please contact me for a quote.

*All of the session prices include the time and talent. Birth announcements, art prints, photo prints, coffee table books are all available to be purchased separately. To request an Info Packet, please email me at info@danijelaphotography.com. Include your name and phone number along with it please!